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Peter and Lesley have known each other for well over two decades and have worked together on many occasions. Here is a bit of background on each of them.

Peter Roper

As a serial entrepreneur he has first-hand experience of what happens when you get it right AND what happens when you get it wrong!

With a robust career spanning over four decades, Peter Roper is a paragon of business development acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.  Celebrated as a best-selling author with six influential books to his name, Peter is widely recognized as “The Family Business Man,” a testament to his 27 years dedicated to nurturing family-owned enterprises.

Peter’s entrepreneurial ventures include the stewardship of six family businesses, with an equal share of triumphs and tribulations.

Dubbed ‘The Natural Speaker’, Peter has shared his insights with over 750,000 attendees in various countries. A member, Fellow and Board member of the Professional Speaking Association over the last two decades, he was National President in 2009 and was awarded the prestigious PSAE, the highest accolade for members. 

“My mission is straightforward: to help people and businesses achieve their goals—filling the fridge, sleeping soundly at night, and cultivating relationships built on trust. I am dedicated to working with individuals and organizations that value their abilities, foster great working relationships, and recognize true worth with fair and timely compensation.”

Discover more at www.familybusinesspractice.com

Lesley Morrissey

Working with driven entrepreneurs and small business who have a vision and want to build a first class reputation, Lesley runs a boutique marketing agency, Inside News.  The business launched in January 2000, and her team provides clients with a wide range of content marketing strategies, content and support.

Lesley was an HR manager/consultant and management trainer for 15 years, working in Dubai, other Gulf countries and the UK.

Her most recent book The R.A.V.E. Toolkit, provides a marketing handbook for small business owners covering everything from content strategy to websites and authorship to social media.

After a freelance career writing for newspapers and magazines, she developed her commercial copywriting skills and has a reputation as a compelling writer who can capture the voice of the business she is writing for.

Books are a passion and she helps authors to plan, write, publish and market books that give their reputation a glossy shine.  As well as editing manuscripts for authors, she also coaches authors who need help in getting their ideas out of their head and into print.  She provides a comprehensive book marketing service to generate sales.

Find out more at insidenews.co.uk